How to Join

How to become a HOG:

To be eligible for membership with the South West Sydney Chapter Australia you must be a current member of the H.O.G International Group.

Each time you buy a new Harley you get one year's free membership with H.O.G. International.

Click here for the benefits of being an international HOG member.

Click here for the types of international memberships available to see which one would best suit you.

If you are already an international HOG member click here to review your membership.

How to become a member of the South West Sydney Chapter, Australia:

Once you have become a international HOG member you are now eligible to join the South West Sydney Chapter, Australia.

Fees are as follows:

$35 - Full local membership only (per annum)


****South West Sydney Chapter, Australia official Code of Conduct - click here ***

For more information on becoming a member of the South West Sydney Chapter, Australia send an email to